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The Foundation of the Lodge

founders photographThe complete Lodge History, rewritten in 2008, can be downloaded here: pdfhistoryRev3.pdf1.93 MB

The idea of founding a Lodge for Brethren employed in or associated with the telephone industry was conceived among 9 Brethren employed in the London Area of the National Telephone Company Ltd. (NTC) which operated under licence of the Post Office before the latter took over the Company on the 1st January 1912. The prime movers appear to have been Bros Tattersall and Paddon, although it was Bro. Kenny, the first Secretary, who always claimed to be the "originator" of the Telephone Lodge. Bro. Kipping was also a significant contributor to the Lodge founding.


The resolution to found a Lodge to be called "The Telephone Lodge" was made by the 9 Brethren at a meeting held on 12th March, 1908. Subsequently 12 other Brethren supported its formation, so making a total of 21 Founders - the majority being senior employees in the London Area of the National Telephone Company. A Petition, dated 26.3.1908, to meet as a Regular Lodge was submitted to Grand Lodge, with a recommendation from the Masters and Wardens of the Chiswick Lodge No. 2012. The proposal to form the Telephone Lodge was announced in the NTC's own house magazine in April 1908.

The Charter or Warrant authorising the formation of the Lodge was granted by the M.W.G.M., H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, K.G., on the 10th April, 1908.

Consecratiob photographThe Consecration of the Lodge took place on Friday, 8th May, 1908, at 4.30 p.m., in the Masonic Temple at the Gaiety Restaurant, Strand, London WC2. The Consecrating Officer was V.W.Bro. Sir Edward Letchworth, F.S.A., Grand Secretary.

Press reports of the Consecration appeared in the Daily Telegraph 11th May, 1908, The Freemason 16th May, 1908, The Freemason Chronicle 23rd May, 1908 and the NTC's house magazine in June 1908.